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Terry Romans, P.E., R. L. S.
About Romans Land Surveying

Romans Engineering started in 2000 by Terry E Romans, PE, RLS
as a Civil Engineering and Surveying Firm.

“Our goal is for the clients total satisfaction, in a professional
manner, on time and within budget.”  We work closely with the
clients and the local authorities to keep confusion and
misunderstandings to a minimum and ensure a complete design
with minimum changes.  

Terry E. Romans, PE, RLS


Terry has a B.S. in Civil Engineering, University of Tennessee
1993, M.S. in Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee
1997, and B.S. in
Surveying and Mapping, East Tennessee State
University 2010.

For more info contact us at:
Or call [865] 679-5736

Romans Engineering also has a Stormwater Design and Maintenance divison to the business—
info about SD&M can be found on the website:
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